Factors to Consider When Purchasing Synthetic Urine 

The whizzinator is the alternative used in the case of a drug test with the aim to pass it. A drug test can be conducted at any time and get you by surprise thus to be on the safe side, most people tend to keep a whizzinator mainly for emergency purposes. This is practised mainly by sports persons or even common employees from companies where drug tests are conducted by surprise. When purchasing a whizzinator ,certain factors come into play that are essential for a successful score on your drug test.This include

Cost of purchase

Due to the increasing demand for whizzinators ,many production companies arise every day .Prices of purchase for the whizzinator range from overly expensive to the relatively affordable ones .Ensure that before buying one, compare the prices from various producers so as not to incur additional costs by getting one at a very high price in which you could get the same brand for way less. Ensure to be up to date with the market price to be on the benefiting side.


This is in terms of the whizzinator storage area. Fact is the urine is usually warm due to the natural body heat and as an employee trying to pass a drug test after probably having one too many the previous night ,you want to keep it as real as possible to avoid getting into trouble with your superiors.Purchase a whizzinator with a large storage tank that has heat features as well to compliment the natural urine. Learn more about Synthetic Urine. 

Quality and branding

A good and reliable company will have proper packaging that is appealing to its buyers and the target market .As a buyer out to purchase a whizzinator ,the main factor that comes to mind is the quality of the good at hand .A good quality whizzinator has proper branding as well.This ensures that the customer can easily get in touch with the production company in the case of a question or complaint as well. A reliable company invests well in its packaging to assure the customers. Be ware that a poor quality whizzinator could have damaging side effects when it comes into direct contact with the skin.

Stronghold feature

The whizzinator is usually attached directly to the skin and the last thing a person in one would want is for it to actually look fake by the weird movements it presents.Purchase a whizzinator with strong fasteners for better hold during the drug test.